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In this blog I’ll be sharing information about “Box Office “

Origin of box office

The term might have originated from sales of “boxes’’ private seating areas in a theatre in the 18th century.

According to the “Cambridge Dictionaries Online” – it is a place where tickets are sold in a theatre or cinema. It also is a way of measuring how well the movie has done financially and how popular it’s made the actor or actress.

There are some key terminologies that are associated with the box office according to Box Office Mojo .

An example I have chosen the 2009 Hollywood release ‘Avatar’ directed by James Cameron.

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  • Production Budget – It is the cost that took to make the movie .This does not include marketing and the other expenses. The budget for Avatar was $237 million (USD) while the most expensive film to date has been “Pirates of the Caribbean: On stranger tides “with a budget of $378.5 million (USD).

box 2


  • Gross – It’s earnings  that the movie or the play makes at the box office.

The highest grossing films to date  with inflation adjusted are .


Rank Title Worldwide gross

(in billions)

1 Gone with the wind $3.440
2 Avatar $3.020
3 Start Wars $ 2.825



box 3


  • Daily box office- It is the receipts for one single day and usually reported the next day. These are the list of films that grossed in excesses of $50 million (USD).
Rank Title Opening day collection (million)
1 Star wars : The force awakens $119
2 Harry Potter and the deathly hallows – part 2 $91
3 Avengers : age of ultron $84



Avatar collected $26 million (USD) on the first day of its release! The following  screenshot gives information  about the grosses and daily reports for December 2009.

box 4


  • Weekend box office – They are the receipts of the weekend collections from Friday to Sunday.


Rank Title Opening weekend collection (million USD)
1 Start Wars : The force awakens $247
2 Jurassic world $207
72 Avatar $77


The following screenshot give the weekend grosses of movies for the year 2009 – 2010.

box 5

  • Weekly box office – These are receipts for tickets sold from Friday through Thursday.


The data below gives weekly box office collections for 3 weeks in the year 2016.


Week (2016) Title Weekly collection (million USD)
May 13 -19  Captain America : Civil war $167
May 6-12 Captain America : Civil war $301
April 29 –May 5 Jungle book $136


The screenshot below gives a weekly box office collection in the weeks following Avatar’s release for the year 2009.

box 6


  • Monthly, Quarterly and Seasonal box office –The readers can view the box office receipts monthly, quarterly or for every season.

The following is the  monthly table collection of movies released in 2016 .

Month (2016) Title Monthly

collection (million USD)

May  Captain America : Civil war $323.0
April Jungle book $319.2
March Zootopia $333.1



The following screenshot shows the highest monthly grossers for the year 2009.

box 10

The following is a table of quarterly collection of movies released in 2016 and 2009.



Title Quartile  grosses  (million USD)
Q1 2016 Deadpool $362.6
Q2 2016 Captain America: Civil war $323.0
Q4 2009 Avatar $749


The screenshot below shows the quarterly box office grosses for the films realised from 2008 to 2016.

box 8

The following data shows the seasonal realise and their highest grosses for the year 2016 and 2009.


Season Title Seasonal  grosses (million USD)
Winter 2016 Deadpool $362.6
Spring 2016 Zootopia $333.1
Holiday 2009 Avatar $749.8


The following screenshot shows the seasonal grosses for the movies realised in 2008 to 2016.

box 11


Yearly box office – The readers can view the movies that have been a box office hits for that year or for the previous 5 to 10 years. The following screenshot shows the highest grosser for the last 8 years.

box 9

The different box office recodes listed above gives interesting in sites about different movies across the years.

I have just listed some of the sub tearm that makes up the box office. This topic was new to me and therfore I hope you’ll ger the information that I am trying to convay .








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