Films and merchandised


Films and merchandised

Film and merchandised has been around for decades. I’ll be sharing information on how did this business start what was the process and which were the highest grossing merchandised and their value till date.


There is a process that had to be followed and it two sides it first production company needs to have licence to do this. The producer/ distributors received advance payment for the products, second if the movie fails to the pull the products off the shelves and which means the producer loses money. This makes  merchandise  a game of chess a few wrong moves can lead to checkmate. The product expects a short shelve but there are some people who do collect them and today it could fetch them a future.


So which was the movie or the movies weresuccessful and sold out merchandise?

The Star- war trilogy really clicked at the box office and the merchandise were almost sold out. It didn’t have a very successful start with the first episode but later on along with Harry Potter series earned back the losses and today most of the toy collectors have Star War toys that they either brought paying a lot of money or some who were just lucky enough to find it in the attic. The first batman movie released in 1989 grossed over $250 million at the box office and $50 million more license it also had a successful sales price on its merchandise .Lord of the rings trilogy grossed over $1.2billion  compared to start wars trilogy that grossed over  $3.1 billion both these trilogy have successful selling merchandises .

Movies that sold merchandise and were successful at the same time?

1 Star War – 12 billion

Start war has been the longest running movie trilogy and is one of the most successful. Since Disney had bought the rights for star wars it boosted the sales even higher because it was tied up with Disney.






Cars – $10 billion

Cars Disney Pixar did shock the audience  its gross estimated to be around $244million and later on grossed $464million.





Frozen $.5.3

Again Disney frozen was almost an overnight blockbuster it grossed over $1.2billion and was the highest animated movie to gross this amount in that year.





These are just some of the merchandise that sold well and the movies did well at the box office. For limited additions there are only afew toys that are related to movie merchandise and those are the Star war limited action figures, Barbie and G.I Joe’s many collectors have managed to preserve such toys and if it’s a packed it’s even better and the value of the toy goes higher.


Overall exploring the marketing for merchandise was an interesting topic. I found a lot about the connection it has was the grossing amount, how do they make money ,how the revenue system works and how to get the proper license to be able to sell these merchandises





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