Growth of social media in the past decade

Growth of social media in the past decade

According to the Cambridge dictionary social media is “website and computer programs that allowed people to communicate and share information on the internet using a computer or a mobile phone. Today almost everyone is on a social media, if someone says that they aren’t on Facebook, twitter, snap chat or tumbler that doesn’t make them antisocial they’ll surely be using other forms of social media such as Gmail, Outlook, linked in and Skype to communicate .But what if we travel ten years back were there so many people active on these social networks? Did they even know such sites and apps existed?



MySpace and Facebook were launched and it shows how quickly Facebook gained it popularly and month after month it kept gaining more popular. Google had launch Gmail a social network that has grown over the years and has kept it going still. Flicker I didn’t know that app existed same goes for Yelp, DDIG and Mashable. We all are familiar with YouTube. This timeline also gives a brief history on how Facebook was only available for Harvard’s university and expanded for other universities when it reached 100million users and later was available in High schools in the united states this meant the it wasn’t global as yet . But later in 2006 it became popualr site and gained more popularity and was one of the fastest growing social network.

Capture 2

Capture 3



2008 Facebooks becomes the most popular site and MySpace were surprised because they were launched before Facebook .MySpace was the one of the most popular sites until took over the spot .App store available via iTunes


2009 Twitter form the 22nd rank shots up to the 3rd heights spot on the most popular social network. The king of pop Michael Jackson passes away and the Twitter crashed after 100,000 tweets were sent per-hour .This shows how news is shared across the globe with the use of social media and the impact of it led to a wave of tweets.

WordPress the website we use to do our blogs reached over 202 million users.

These two years in particular shows the booming stage or rapid growth social networking sites .

Capture 4


Twitter had been launched, Lady gaga became the first person (Living) to reach 10 million friends on face book and, she wasn’t the first over all it was the King of pop was the first person to reach 14 million. Facebook reached 500million active users. In less than 18 month after it had hit 200million active users .

According to PreResearch Centre’s survey on American young adult’s stats, young adults are more likely to use more of social media in the Line chat below it shows different age groups and there use of social media from 2006 to 2014.

Capture 6
As you can see the all the age groups turn out to be active members as the year goes on. The age group from 18-29 have a jump start compared to other age groups is the due to web sites like Facebook was Allowed and introduced in high schools in the United states therefore it had a jump start and in 2006 it had more students age groups who were active users

According to the Statistic Portal  website .

“Leading social networks worldwide as of April 2016, ranked by number of active users (in millions)

This statistic provides information on the most popular networks worldwide as of April 2016, ranked by number of active accounts. Market leader Facebook was the first social network to surpass 1 billion registered accounts and currently sits at 1.59 billion monthly active users. Eighth-ranked photo-sharing app Instagram had over 400 million monthly active accounts. Meanwhile, blogging service Tumblr had more than 555 million active blog users on their site. ’’

The Top Social Networking sties today are?

Capture 5


In conclusion everyday there is a new app tons of Facebook, twitter and Instagram accounts made the and the next decade the stats will be higher .While I was researching learnt about how the social Network industry runs how to the make it interesting how they gained so much of popularity . I also found out how facebook was developed and year after year how it made changes and today is top most used social networking site ever made.















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