Today internet is one of the most important in everyone’s daily lives. Almost everything is done via the use of the internet whether it’s a mail we have to send or talk to someone overseas .Everyday new technology and websites and apps are created and there are millions of users using it. So how do we know that whether it is safe to the app or it’s safe to connect your personal devices connected to the internet?

With the Smartphone’s ear taking over getting personal information’s has become easy. How is this possible? When you turn on a Samsung phone it requires you to create or make a Samsung account same goes for Apple Iphones you need to create and Apple account to log in. Even for Mac books You need to create and Apple account surely Apple is known for there no hackable encryptions but recent reports have show that the FBI have stepped and requested Apple to let the FBI have access such deceives.


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According to It shows  the internet of thing taking control of our life’s and how there some great technology that has been or being developed of our benefits but some could turn out to be costly later on. Our information can be accessed easily and it’s the internet controlling instead .The video also talks about Silver Push a company that could an example of the invasion  our life .Talks about products that could be hacked and we can be under surveillance by someone.

People often cover the laptops cameras due the fear of getting the cameras hacked. Internet scams and pop-ups could be a way for hackers hacking your system. Another way of getting personal information is Social Network I recently did a blog on “The growth of social media in the last decade “ .When I was researching about the growth of social media in the past decade and found out there are billions of people who use a from a social network to communicate. This can be used in a good and a bad way which can have fatal consequences.

The good or safe ways are to use social networks to communicate with your friends and family share pictures and revive memories. Have some research work look up for information, listen to your favourite artist, watch your TV shows, movies online and game with your friends. These are few of the things that we can do because we know how to use the sites and know we there is a scam involved we avoid it.


what are the unsafe to use social media which have been charged with heavy consequences,.Cyber bullying, Internet scams, Additions to online gaming, Adding or accepting random friend request all these points could  result in serious crime acts?

I found these two video clips very interesting talks about how using social media and the internet could lead to such horrifying crimes. How social media affects teens shows how teenagers crave for attention how it affects them which can be harmful. It lists of some victims who lost their lives due to social media problems .Social media led to murder talk about how two girls fought over social media for a guy and one for the girls ended stabbing the other. Rachel wade wants to tell people to learn from her mistakes so that they have a safe life.


We all need to create a safe environment and try and avoid danger. Try and make sure that you are using a save app and website. A small advice dont save your passwords on your web bowers or phone histories and remember to log out properly it could lead to……………………………………………………








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