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The technology has evolved over the past’s year and has come up with multiple gadgets to read stuff off .Eg Kindel a table that is a book, our mobile phone, tabs and PC the news channels have started off their own websites which that can update anytime and people with just one click can accesses it all over the globe . I this is advantage or a disadvantage?? To break it down I’ll list some A and D for both print and electronic media.



Number Advantage Disadvantage
1 Papers can be stored and recycled .Can use paper clippings as memories. Even if we are trying to recycle the papers we are spending more money on the production and printing cost might as well sell check tabs to read new on . The print media can’t instantly update news they have to gather reports and the proofread it then send it for printing then deliver it the next day at your doorstep or at the local cafe.
2 Cheaper, and has easy accesses and is available all over the world, and if in a foreign country you can still find your own language newspaper.


You might have to look through a lot of places to get hands on the paper .Instead of connect to the wifi or turn on your data and read the news on the tab.
3 Easy to read if your eyes aren’t suitable to seeing bright screens. People with weak eyes can’t read the font size which is a problem instead of someone reading out to you can just select the audio and listen to the news.
4 Doesn’t need internet. Do not require charging. Backup power banks or a quick stop at the cafe and a portable car charger can be the easy ways to never run out of power.
5 Easy to highlight important stuff and its light weight and requires minimum space and can bend and not break. There are devices that are light weight and easy and slim and easy to carry.






Number Advantage Disadvantage
1 Can be destroyed, can take screens shots and save it. If the backup files and you can lose the shots
2 Screen resolutions in tabs and Smartphone’s are getting better so reading it can be easier. If you drop your gadget it can get damaged and it will cost a lot to repair. If the newspaper gets wet it dirty it’s cheap and probably easy to get without digging into your pockets.
3 Can be charged anywhere car, using a backup power bank and just a quick stop at the cafe and you can charge and get free wifi. Instead of spending so much on a power bank and using the car batteries and keep on taking stops to charge it and carry a charger alone is a pain .Might as well just sit a one place and finish reading and enjoy your coffee or tea .
4 Can travel around but still have access to you News channels and catch the live updates and the live games. Get to learn a new language and can enjoy watching sports live in a different language or just read it on the next day’s newspaper till then do something productive.
5 Saving recycling and manufacturing cost and most importantly saving trees.  today everything thing  are done electronically so why not move ahead and take advantage of the gadgets. Agree with the saving tress and moving along with time things do get expensive we do get the fact that everyone has these fancy gadgets and we have internet to look it up But reading it with no distraction and pop ups that take your eyes off track might as well read something without any pop-ups and  buzzing.



After typing it up and  after some research I feel that I Would still go for the print media because it easy to get ,cheap , has no pop-ups , light weight has multipurpose and more relaxing to read. I don’t like the light on the screen even though Apple have Launched an Ipad Air with a retina screen I’ll still prefer the print media.

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